How to ship ornaments

How do you ship glass ornaments so they don’t break? I’m no expert, but I have shipped over 1,000 just like this, and I’m here to share my best shipping tips with you! Don’t be scared. People love to buy Christmas ornaments for Christmas gifts, and personalizing them with a silhouette cameo is easy, so don’t let shipping hold you back!

  1. Put a scrunch of packing paper in the bottom of the box
  2. Wrap the ornament in 2 12×12 sheets of bubble wrap.
  3. Place ornament inside box. I use 6x6x4 for the M&M style ornaments and 5x5x5 inch for the medium round and 6x6x6 for the large round size.
  4. Fill in the top of the box with more packing paper so that the ornament doesn’t move.
  5. Ship First Class Mail. Do not ship priority unless you double box. Priority mail takes boxes up to 70 pounds and your pretty ornament will be destroyed!

You can print labels from home using your home printer and tape them to the box, or if you start selling and print lots of labels get a DYMO 4XL label printer. It was by far the best thing I bought my crafting business last Summer, and I use the aftermarket labels below. 220 rolls for $8 is a great deal and saves so much packing tape! With the Dymo 4xl you can print labels with Etsy or Paypal, and they have discounts on shipping with USPS and even Fed EX.

Here are the supplies I use to ship if you need quick links!


I hope this was helpful to you!


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