Best Christmas gifts for Crafters, Makers, and anyone creative

The best gifts for crafters and makers can be hard to find, and buying them a gift can be a little overwhelming, you know since they can make everything cute themselves, but with over 5 years of crafting experience, I am here to tell you what to buy a crafter for Christmas this year!

1. A Cutting Machine! Cutting machines allow crafters to cut with incredible accuracy 100s of different kinds of materials that they can use to create things like banners, decals for cars, wine glasses, wooden signs, labels for anything, custom shirts, stencils, fabric iron ons, teacher gifts, and on and on and on. The possibilities are literally endless, exciting, and within reach. If you want to give the gift that wows buy a cutting machine!

The most popular ones are the Silhouette Cameo 3, and the Cricut Maker this year. I personally own and love my SIlhouette Cameo 3. It can always be found on sale for $249.99-$269.99 and it comes in 3 colors white, black and the new pink color was just released in October. The Cricut Maker was released this year and runs $399.99 currently.  There are tons of resources available to learn how to use a cutting machine online, and accessories make great stocking stuffers! Here’s a link to both for your convenience. The Cricut Maker has to have internet access to work, and can only cut vinyl up to 2 feet long at one time where as the Silhouette Cameo 3 can be used  without internet, and can cut up to 10 feet long. Both machines allow you to create your own designs, or purchase designs from the programs on line library, however the Silhouette Cameo software has enhanced features that gives it an edge over Cricut, and more designs available for purchase in its library.. You can’t go wrong with either machine, however I am recommending the Silhouette Cameo 3 this holiday season based on my own personal experience! Here are links to both machines for your convenience. Just click the picture to check them out.

Silhouette Cameo 3 White Black and Pink all available with free shipping if you have Prime. Just click the image to order!

2. Cutting Machine Accessories also make great gifts for crafters. From cardstock, to vinyl, pens, tape, cutting mats, and blades, a crafters stocking and heart would overflow this year if you filled it with any of these items!

Great for Silhouette Cameo machine owners- An extra mat is always great to have on hand when one wears out, or you can keep one for glitter messy stuff, and one for everything else! The dust cover linked in the middle photo comes in several colors and keeps the machine clean and out of the way of little hands and furry animals if needed! The far right photo is the thing I have used the most! It upgraded my software to allow me to import .SVG files which I use all the time, and it allows me to import applique files into silhouette so I can cut out my fabric pieces, and it also enhanced tracing capabilities and several other things….just buy it, you won’t regret it!


Great for Fabric Loving Crafters: Anyone who lives with a fabric crafter knows they have special scissors, so it would make sense that there would be a fabric only blade for cutting machines. The blue one is for the Silhouette Cameo products. Heat and Bond is also a safe bet for Fabric lovers as they use it to attach fabric to stuff, and it makes it much easier to cut fabric with a cutting machine if you have this attached to the back. A small travel iron could save a crafters marriage, and is a great addition to a fabric lovers craft room. Has you ever went to iron clothes for work, and searched high and low for your iron? Spouses of crafters know what I’m talking about. No one wants to go upstairs at 6am, to hunt down the iron that may or may not have glitter stuck to the plate…do everyone a favor and buy this tiny little travel iron that can be stored in the craftroom, and the tabletop ironing board goes hand in hand with the  iron. This one is awesome because it folds up and has a hook like a hanger, so you can store it in the craft room closet when not in use!

Great for Scrapbookers or Paper loving Crafters

This paper pack has great colors and would be awesome for a scrapbook or banner!

I use this Fiskars cutter weekly to trim cardstock, even cut vinyl rolls, make quick shapes, and to measure packages when I ship sometimes!

These are the replacement blades for the trimmer above. It’s always nice to have a back up so you never have to use a dull blade. Dull blades don’t go well with paper crafting!

Vinyl Lovers

A vinyl weeding tool allows you to remove the pieces of cut vinyl you don’t need when making decals, stencils or designs with a vinyl cutting machine like the SIlhouette Cameo 3 or Cricut Maker. This tool is life changing!

The scraper is used to rub the transfer tape over the vinyl to help you move the vinyl off of it’s paper backing when you’re ready.

This Ottlite Lightbox is awesome! Someone please send this to my husband! you put your vinyl on it and it lights up the lines so you can see the spots you need to clear out better!

This assorted vinyl pack would be perfect for someone just starting out! It has

  • 10 7×12 sheets of Oracle 651 which can be used for car decals or cups, or labels,
  • 3 sheets of 12×12 oracle 631 which would be used for wall decals, or signs. Oracle 651 is more permanent than 631, but both are removeable with enough elbow grease.
  • 3 sheets of patterned Oracle vinyl which look cool as monograms on cups, or laptop decals, or notebooks
  • 4 Sheets – 12 Inch x 15 Inch Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer
  • 3 Sheets – 12 Inch x 20 Inch Siser Easyweed Glitter Heat Transfer
  • 100% Genuine Oracal Vinyl and Siser Heat Transfer which is exactly what I used to make this stuff
  • Compatible with any Vinyl Cutter Including Cameo, Cricut, Brother!

Oracle 631 wall decal



Oracle 631 wooden sign


Oracle 631 used to stencil

Reclaimed Window

Oracle 631 Window Decal

Oracle 651 Matte Ornament

Oracle 651 Monogram Ring Dish

Oracle 651 Personalized Soccer Easter bucket



Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl and Printed HTV with Siser Glitter

Siser Easyweed


Sign Makers

This stencil vinyl on the far left is my favorite medium for making stencils for wooden signs. It’s not as sticky as regular Oracle 631 or 651, and it’s slightly transparent which makes lining it up on boards so much easier. In the middle mod podge has been used to seal off a stencil area before painting to help prevent bleeding, and it can also be used to seal a sign if needed. The far right features a sandpaper variety pack that will allow your sign maker to sand smooth, distress, and repair boo boos on wooden signs.

Shirt Makers

This variety starter pack of Heat transfer vinyl( will allow a shirt maker to create several shirts and try out lots of colors and textures for a great price! It includes 10 sheets!

Teflon sheets protect your project fom damaging your project, heat press, or iron when you are using heat to apply a heat transfer vinyl decal to a shirt! There are also great tutorials on using them to make your own pressing pillows!

A rhinestone kit from Silhouette studio is a fun edition to any shirt makers craft room! If your crafter loves bling and has a silhouette cameo, they will love this!

3. Heat Press and teflon sheet. This is for the crafter who loves all of the cute shirts with funny phrases, or wants to personalize shirts, dish towels, and bags for friends and family. Maybe they already have a cutting machine, and they’re ready to go to the next step. If you see your crafter trying to iron on decals on their hands and knees with a cookie sheet on the floor, please buy them a heat press! You will change their life! I started with a 15″ clam shell from Heat press nation. If you think she would ever want to make mugs or hats get a press that can grow with her future needs, or just get a clamshell! I have a 15′ clamshell like this one.


This one is an awesome bundle with great reviews, and would be great for a small business just starting out!

Teflon sheets are a must with a heat press. They protect the material you are pressing, and with 3 this size you can use one to make a pressing pillow! Don’t buy a heat press without a teflon sheet. That’s like giving a remote control car with no batteries!


4. Vinyl Starter Pack. I love purchasing my vinyl from Amazon, because they have great deals and free shipping with prime and they sell my favorite vinyl, Oracle and Siser. The starter packs are great for newbies to have lots of colors to play with. Order Oracle 651 for car decals, wine glass decals, and wooden signs, and Siser HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) for making shirts and other fabric craft things. I        recommend Siser Stretch HTV for Baby Onesies and Ladies tops to account for the stretch in the chest of a fitted shirt.

Oracle 651 comes in tons of colors, but 63 sheets of colors would be sure to keep someone busy for a little while! This is great for decals on cars, glass, plastic, and wood.
This amazing bundle has so many colors you can craft something for every holiday!

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Click on the image to order with free shipping on Amazon Prime

Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Perfect for shirts and other fabric!


Siser Stretch Bundle My favorite for Baby Onesies and stretchy clothing. This bundle has 20 colors. I’ve only used about 7!


Stencil Vinyl for making wooden signs and stencils. I was so happy when I switched to this for sign making! Cuts smooth on the silhouette, installs easily on wooden signs and is a little bit see through to help with placement. It’s not as sticky as Oracle 651, so it’s easier to lift and move if you need to.

5. Scrapbooking Pens with a scrapbook and a giftcard to have prints made, oh and glue dots…she wants them!

This super cute scrapbook will be perfect for her to capture all of the special memories you shared recently. Wrap it in a photo box with some glue dots and pens and some of your favorite photos and she will melt!

Glue dots are like magic! They hold pictures and notes and journaling cards on the pages! They would make a great stocking stuffer!
These have great reviews and write so well on the black paper inside the scrapbook above!

Shutterfly prints

6. Scissors I love the Fiskars brand, they have a Lifetime warranty and I got mine easily replaced when I needed to swap them out under warranty with a simple phone call!

7. Glue If you learn how to say this correctly she will be super impressed. It’s a glue/sealer with a matte finish. Perfect for tons of DIY projects! Trust me, she’ll know what to do with it! I use it on wooden signs, block sets, stenciling, and to glitter things!

8. Wine glasses and armor etch to glass etch.

I like to purchase my wine glasses at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% off coupon, which you can get a coupon here, or if you just need a couple you can purchase some at Target, or Dollar Tree. The armor etch is sold lots of places, but here’s a link to amazon for your convenience

9. Acrylic paints and brushes

Americana is my favorite brand of paints. Great coverage and dries fast!

This starter pack has their most popular colors and free shipping with Prime! I love amazon!!!

Foam brushes are a necessity!

10. The Xyron Creative Station. Makes stickers, laminates, turns things into magnets, and is gernally just amazing for scrapbookers, crafters, teachers, and me!. It comes preloaded with a cartridge, but if she wants to laminate or make magnets you’ll need to add the other cartridges, or you can pick them up for her birthday!

If she wants to laminate things for scrapbooking or kids crafts get her this cartridge too

Magnet Cartridge here turns pictures and artwork into Magnets

11. Gift Cards to her favorite place! These make great stocking stuffers, and will allow her to buy what she really wants! Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnne Fabrics are some of my favorite places.

12. Books about Crafting

Washi Tape Crafts…yes!!!!

Caligraphy always fascinated me, but my handwriting stinks! Might try this to see what I’m doing wrong!

Don’t forget the giftwrap! Buffalo plaid is so in this year!!!

and tape

and a bow



Happy Crafting,


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links of products I use and love! Happy Crafting!

How to install vinyl decals to wine glasses

Here’s a quick video on how to install vinyl decals to wine glasses for a 50 & Fabulous party surprise, but the tutorial applies to all decal application.


First stop, you need wine glasses. If you don’t have time to go buy some, these have great reviews on amazon, and ship free with prime!

Next up you need rubbing alcohol and cotton balls or a paper towel to clean the glasses before you apply the decal! I also recommend you clean the glasses before you apply the decals so they are clean when you are ready to party….Nobody wants to drink from a dirty glass!

After they are clean and dry grab your decal and transfer tape. I used oracle 651 to create my decal, and you can purchase the exact one in the video here,

or make your own with the font downloaded from here. Samantha Script Font

I use that font on Christmas ornaments, wedding stuff, and shirts. It is very pretty and comes with lots of variations to each letter so you can make lots of stuff! To get the decal on the glass I use contact paper. . I love contact paper for this application because it is transparent, and just sticky enough to pick up the decal, but it doesn’t leave a residue when you peel it away. Make sure you buy the stuff with the blue grid line backing like this one. The new one they came out with doesn’t work as well! I’m also including an affiliate link for the vinyl I use in case you want to make your own!



That’s it. That’s everything you need to make the magic happen! Open a bottle of wine or two, invite your best friends over, and knock out a set for the Birthday girl in no time!


Craft Happy,



Disclaimer I The links in this post pay me a small commission which I will be using to pay for my next Disney trip! #Disney2018

Halloween Boo Bag Germs are Scary DIY Craft

Here’s a quick Halloween DIY craft that will make everyone happy. Using Oracle 651 vinyl decals cut with a Silhouette Cameo 3, I cleaned up some hand sanitizer bottles, added some fun spiders, bats, and skulls, and created a super cute craft just in time for flu season! Here’s a link to my youtube video where I show you step by step how to make them, and links below to the supplies! Have fun and don’t forget to share your pics with me on my Facebook page




Tie them off with a matching ribbon, and you are ready to share a spooky fun surprise! I usually buy my ribbon from Hobby Lobby on the weeks they have it 50% off in the sewing department, but the seasonal stuff is located at the front of the store if you want spider webs, or bats, or skulls on your ribbon. I like to make everything match.

You can use the same idea to make personalized hand sanitizers for classrooms, businesses, Christmas, Valentines and more! The possibilities are endless!


Happy Crafting!






Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post pay me a small commission, that I will use to pay for my next Disney trip, but they will help you make super cute sanitizers too!

DIY Glitter Ornaments

Are you ready for some DIY glitter ornament training? I fell in love with the glitter ornaments I saw popping up about 4 years ago, and I tried it and they have been one of my favorite things to make every year. They hold up great, and can be made in steps if you don’t have a ton of time to sit down from start to finish.


Ornaments. I like to use glass ornaments for what I sell in my Etsy shop because they seem more premium, but plastic ones are great too, especially for kids. I buy the blank ornaments from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but you can find them on Amazon too if you need them to be shipped.


Glitter It is whatI have used the last few years, and all of my ornaments are still beautiful!

Ultra Fine Glitter in your color choice. I buy mine from Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but this kit from Amazon looks amazing! So many colors!!!

Cups to hold ornaments while they dry. I use plastic solo cups

Tiny Funnel to pour in glitter

Vinyl cutting machine or decals to install on ornaments.

Transfer tape to transfer decal to ornament


Step 1: Remove cap from ornament and pour in some Glitter it. Slowly roll the ornament in a circular motion coating the entire durface of the inside of the ornament. Try not to shake it, and when you get to the opening of the ornament, go slow and gently pour the excess back into the glitter it bottle.

Step2:Grab your small funnel and pour in a few tablespoons of glitter. Remove the funnel and cover the opening with your palm and shake it up. Make sure you get the entire thing coated and add more glitter if you need to. and shake again.They should look like this.

Step 3: Pour the excess glitter back into the glitter container and turn the ornament upside down and place in a cup to dry. I like to leave mine overnight.

Step 4: Carefully put the top back on so you don’t scratch the inside.


Step 5:Add Vinyl decal. I love to use Oracle 631 or 651 with my Silhouette Cameo 3 to make the decals for the ornaments that I sell in my Etsy shop! I have found that using contact brand transfer tape works the best at getting the decal off the paper backing and onto the ornament. It is clear so you can see better to line things up, and it doesn’t leave a residue.

Here are some of my favorites!


If you plan to ship ornaments that you sell, I use this postal scale and these 5×5 boxes and bubble wrap to ship mine! Place some packing paper in the bottom put the ornament wrapped in 2 pieces of bubble wrap, and fill the top in with more paper. seal it up, weigh it and print your label out at home to avoid the lines at the post office. I use this DYMO label printer and it is amazing!

Happy Crafting,

Looking for Crafting fonts to put on your ornaments? Check Out these amazing ones! Just click the photo to see the full alphabet!

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My first Vinyl Project DIY

My first Silhouette Cameo Vinyl DIY- a ring dish

I bought a Silhouette Cameo right before my sons first birthday a few months ago, and I have mastered cardstock, and I’m ready for vinyl! I did a ton of research on the different kinds and where to order from, and my shipment finally came in from, I am loving all of these colors, and I’m so glad I got the swatch so I can see what every color they have looks like.


  • Vinyl Oracle 651 (Update, I buy my vinyl from now. They have buyonegetone free every Thursday if you place your order online, and frequent discounts in the Facebook group.

  • Ring Dish I bought a dipping sauce bowl from Pier 1 for $1.50, and it was perfect!

  • Transfer tape This contact paper is clear so you can see when placing things!


  • dry erase marker to help draw alignment marks, you can just eyeball it too!
  • alcohol(the medical kind) I used this to wipe down my dish with a cotton ball to make sure it was clean and free of any tiny particles
  • Dental pick for weeding the vinyl. I got a set from Harbor Freight and they are awesome! I also use my Xacto blade sometimes.
  • Kitchen Spatula to rub the vinyl onto transfer tape


First thing you want to do is clean the dish and set it aside. While it’s drying, import your image into Silhouette Studio from the MonogramIt App. To create the monogram open the app and click the little plus sign in the top right corner.  On the bottom select the tiny icon on the far right that looks like a keyboard. Type your letters out in the order you want them to appear and click apply in the top right. Now select the tiny circle monogram icon to the left of the keyboard icon to open up all of the monogram options. Pick the one you like and make sure you change the color to black so it will be easy to trace. Once you have made your final choice click save in the top right. Your photo will automatically be saved to your camera roll.  You can email it to yourself or text it if you have imessage on a Mac computer, so that you can save the picture to your computer and open it in Silhouette studio. This process took me about 2 minutes,

Step 1. Open or Install Pink Monogram It App below

Step 2 Select Keyboard on Bottom right and type out your letters, Click Apply when Done

Step 3 Select the Circle Monogram Icon to the left of the Keyboard and change the color to black and pick the monogram style you want. Once you’re happy click save in the top right


Step 4 Go to photos and email the photo to yourself and open it in Silhouette Studio

This is what your image should look like.


Step 5 Tracing Open Silhouette Studio and open your file. Zoom in a little bit by using the zoom in icon located at the top middle menu(it looks like a magnifying glass with a plus sign in it. Zooming in will help you get a better trace. On the far right menu select the trace icon(4 icons down) and select the “select trace area” option. This allows you to draw a box around the monogram. I like to increase the threshold until the lines look smoother, usually around 88.

Once you’re happy with the way the monogram is filled in, select the trace option and move the original design away to reveal your cut lines outline.It looks a little messy, so I like to fill it in red to see what it will really look like. Note(you may need to do an offset with the swirl monogram to thicken the lines. I also like to use the point editor to remove some of the tiny cut out spots that won’t cut well, like inside the bottom sides of the S. Draw a box around the monogram and click the Send icon in the top right! you’re almost ready to cut! Make sure you have the autoblade selected and select the type of vinyl you are cutting from the drop down. Load the mat into the machine and cut. The hard part is over. Make sure you have resized your image to fill the space on your dish and Send.


Step 6 weed and Transfer Unload the mat and weed out the negative spaces to reveal your monogram. Place the contact paper over it and smooth over it with the spatula until you can lift it up off the paper backing. At this point you can eyeball it, or draw a dot on the ring dish and on the contact paper in the center top of the monogram to line it up. Smooth it down in the center first and then press out to the sides, Slowly peel back the contact paper and give yourself a high five!



I have made several of these! They make great gifts, and they were one of the first things I listed in my Etsy shop a few years back!


I hope this helped you out! Please feel free to leave any questions below!





Newbie tip: if you need some awesome fonts to craft with check out



Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links of products I use and love! I’d never recommend anything else!