Silhouette Studio Upgrade – Should you buy it?

Silhouette Studio Upgrade

Should I Buy a Silhouette Studio Upgrade? Looking for reasons why you should do a Silhouette Studio Upgrade? I did years ago, and am so glad I did! With this in mind, keep reading, and I’ll share my reasons for upgrading Silhouette Studio, how and where I got my Silhouette Studio Upgrade from Basic to […]

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Some People Are Worth Melting For

Melt the heart of someone you love with this sweet Olaf inspired glass ornament. Inside the ornament you’ll find a melted snowman snow, coal eyes and buttons, and a bright orange carrot nose! The outside is embellished with the phrase “some people are worth melting for” in silver and a snowflake. This ornament has been […]

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My first Vinyl Project DIY

My first Silhouette Cameo Vinyl DIY- a ring dish I bought a Silhouette Cameo right before my sons first birthday a few months ago, and I have mastered cardstock, and I’m ready for vinyl! I did a ton of research on the different kinds and where to order from, and my shipment finally came in […]

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