Replacing dots with shapes on the letter I in Silhouette Studio 4.1

How to design a Custom Decal in Silhouette Studio 4.1

Here’s a quick video using Silhouette Studio 4.1 to replace a dot over the letter i with a crown shape. This is a super fun, cute way to personalize things, and the same process could be used to replace the dot with snowflakes for Christmas, or hearts for Valentine’s Day etc.

If you are making cup decals I highly recommend ordering Oracle 651 and hand washing. I also like to use contact paper to apply the decals so that it is see through, which helps me with placement. If you are using boxy fonts or fonts that aren’t as forgiving with placement on a curved item, check out the Warp tool feature which is now available to users of the Dssigner Edition and Business Edition versions of the Silhouette Studio software. It adjusts the letters for you to help keep them level as they curve around the item you are personalizing. It also works on shapes too!

If you have never placed a decal on an item check out my blog post on how to install a decal to a glass. This can be tricky at first, so practicing a few times might help you learn how to install it just right! The same process can be used on ornaments and vases.

Here are some links to where I order some of my supplies from amazon. I love the free shipping with prime. Everything ships fast and I get great products with great prices and can see the reviews from others before I buy. If you aren’t buying from amazon, you should check them out as soon as possible!



Here are the supplies I would use for this project:

Silhouette Cameo 3

Transfer tape to move the decal from the paper backing to the cup

Oracle 651 Vinyl in Black. The color I use the most, so I buy it in rolls

Assorted vinyl pack lets you see lots of colors!

Wine glasses to personalize. You can also find them cheaper at Dollar Stores or Target, but this is convenient and they have great reviews right now.


Happy Crafting,