Toddler Science Experiments

Awesome Toddler Science Kit and Lab Coat

Does your kid love Science or playing Dr? Mine does, so if you’re looking for an awesome toddler science gift keep reading!

We got this awesome lab coat and science kit for Birthday number 5, and so far he is loving it!

Why is the Toddler Science Kit awesome?

  1. It holds his attention My son is always running around wanting to play some new adventure game, and for a year he introduced himself as “Bennett, Prince of the Pirates”. I love watching his imagination take off, and I love when I find something that holds his attention for more than 3 minutes that doesn’t involve tv! You may be hesitant to buy things that get messy, I completely understand…I hate slime too, but this Science kit he got for his birthday is so worth it!
  2. It cleans up easily Everything cleans up super easy with soap and water, and he can even wear the goggles over his glasses which was a problem with other sets! The box came with 10 different Science experiment cards. Each card is laminated to help keep it dry, and you can do them together. Confession, we have only done 2 of the 10 experiments. He just loves pouring the water back and forth, squirting in bubble water, or lemon juice, and switching back and forth from making potions to medicines to plant food as he calls it. It’s great inside or outside, and I could see this even making it’s way into a bubble bath for the really brave parents who don’t fear water soaked bath mats like me!
  3. Inexpensive and Gender Neutral You can find this kit for a great price with free shipping on Amazon with Prime and it’s gender neutral so if you have more than one kid they can both use it!




If you’re still not convinced this is the Toddler Science kit for you, then you might just need a craft project to inspire your purchase! Cousin Stacie sent us this for Bennetts Birthday, and added on this adorable lab coat, which I am finally getting around to personalizing! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I did it, but you could easily add Mad Scientist, Dr. Bennett, or any other personalized medical terminology you saw fit! I could even see some Doc McStuffins fans loving this!

Why is the Toddler Lab Coat awesome

  1. It keeps the mess off of his clothes when he is playing with the science experiment kit
  2. He can also use it to play Dr. Bennett or Veterinarian Bennett when he is tired of playing with the science kit
  3. He can also wear it to preschool on dress up days when they have community member day or for Halloween! That’s 3 awesome fun uses in one coat!
  4. Finally, I can personalize it with a monogram or Dr. Bennett name tag!

This was one of his favorite things he got for his birthday, so if you know a kid that is 3 4 or 5, I am giving you the go ahead to order these both for them! Bennett just turned 5 and she ordered a size 7, It’s a litlte too big, but he can grow into it and roll up the sleeves when needed.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set, 12 Pieces

M&M SCRUBS NATURAL UNIFORMS Childrens Lab Coat–Halloween Costumes–Soft Fabric, White, 7

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He also got this Disgusting Science Kit, which we have had fun with, but I must warn you these activities all require parental involvement. I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE GREEN SNOT AGAIN!

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

And no Science Day would be complete without a book! We love this Author!

Iggy Peck, Architect

Ada Twist, Scientist
Ada Twist’s Big Project Book for Stellar Scientists

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Happy Experimenting,

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