Here’s a quick video on how to install vinyl decals to wine glasses for a 50 & Fabulous party surprise, but the tutorial applies to all decal application.


First stop, you need wine glasses. If you don’t have time to go buy some, these have great reviews on amazon, and ship free with prime!

Next up you need rubbing alcohol and cotton balls or a paper towel to clean the glasses before you apply the decal! I also recommend you clean the glasses before you apply the decals so they are clean when you are ready to party….Nobody wants to drink from a dirty glass!

After they are clean and dry grab your decal and transfer tape. I used oracle 651 to create my decal, and you can purchase the exact one in the video here,

or make your own with the font downloaded from here. Samantha Script Font

I use that font on Christmas ornaments, wedding stuff, and shirts. It is very pretty and comes with lots of variations to each letter so you can make lots of stuff! To get the decal on the glass I use contact paper. . I love contact paper for this application because it is transparent, and just sticky enough to pick up the decal, but it doesn’t leave a residue when you peel it away. Make sure you buy the stuff with the blue grid line backing like this one. The new one they came out with doesn’t work as well! I’m also including an affiliate link for the vinyl I use in case you want to make your own!



That’s it. That’s everything you need to make the magic happen! Open a bottle of wine or two, invite your best friends over, and knock out a set for the Birthday girl in no time!


Craft Happy,



Disclaimer I The links in this post pay me a small commission which I will be using to pay for my next Disney trip! #Disney2018